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Wedding Photography

As a wedding photographer we are working since 2001, we have a vast experience of covering hundreds of wedding and capturer best of the movements for our clients, we use best of the Cameras and high-tec equipments we can create a magical shots which is a pleasure surprise to our costumer, we do both type of photography.

Candid Photography

Now day’s candid photography is in trend. Everyone want to Store their special and emotional movements forever, so they like more of candid shots of their family n love ones. To get the right candid shot a photographer should be experienced and should be attentive and position himself to get the perfect angle and the emotions of a person, the photographer should also have the most advance equipments, like low light camera, lenses and lighting system so that he should capture the very special movement without disturbing anyone and without getting noticed, when the Clint see their photographs they get surprise and feel happy to store the valuable memories for life time, we are one of the Best Candid photographer in Delhi, candid photographer are creative and experienced professional personals, one have to wait for the right time to click the shot so they sometime are not able to cover the entire function, so we need the traditional photographer too.

Traditional Photography

Candid photographer most of the time could not cover the entire function as they get busy in getting the creative and emotional shots, so to cover the entire function we need a photographer which is quick to cover the entire location, friendly with family and gusts, he should try to click photos of every gust those attending the function to give the importance to everyone, the traditional photographer will also cover every rituals happening in the function, so one can say he is the main photographer for the function, they may not be very creative as they have to cover the entire function so they don’t get the time to change lenses, so mostly cover the function with wider lens.

Destination Wedding Photography

In India Weddings are consider to be once in a life time event, so it is celebrated as a big festival not for the couple but for both the families, relatives and friends too, to celebrate this big event people do Destination wedding in which every guest is invited to one beautiful destination and all the functions and events are done at that very place in the presence of every near and dear so everyone could be the part of it and enjoy and live the memorable movement together. To cover this mega event we have a big and professional staff of candid photographers, cinematographers, traditional photographers with high end equipments and cameras, also we have a great team for the post- production, video editors and Album designers to give the magical touch to the finishing touch of the end product.

Pre Wedding Shoot

The new generation couple are not shy to express their feelings and love for each other, so it is a awesome idea to get a pre wedding shoot before marriage and display it on one of the function to every near and dear this helps in making the bond of their love more stronger, we do both pre wedding still shoot and pre wedding videos, the quality of the shoot is not less than any of the bollywood film, it is fully directed and edited in the same way as a feature film.


Wedding videos have gone to a new heights from HD videos to Cinematography, shoot mostly by DSLR cameras so we can change different lenses on different situation as they do for making a film to give more manual control on focus, to give magical blurred background so that the subject standout from it and get the attention of the audience, the sharpness and the picture quality is fare better then the HD video cameras, also we can shoot on 60 frames/sec. to give very smooth slow motion video, along with this the post production is also very important, we make wedding teasers and wedding highlights with good music to give that emotional feel to it, making short films for customer so they can upload it on social media and on net so that everyone can see it on their phones and PCs. Clint get the appreciation from every relatives and friends, this give satisfaction and value for money.